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✨ Having an overflow of leads, clients, and cash without feeling burdened about your capacity to manage it.

✨ You have systems & processes working for you while you’re on a sabbatical with your family.

✨ Your self-driven team is running your business for you instead of you running yourself into the ground by micromanaging everything.

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Hi-I'm Emily Allen and I help your business run without you. I partner with businesses across various industries that are done with firefighting and are fully ready to streamline their success using my Systematize to Scale™️ method.

I have a feeling that you’re here because you’re done carrying the weight of your business on your shoulders all alone. Everything depends on you, so your time is stretched thin, hindering scalability and perpetuating stress.

Let me make something very clear! You deserve to fall in love with your business as much as you loved the idea of starting it.

Your hard work brought you to where you are today. Now, it’s time for smart, strategic work to get you to your next level - $1M, $2M, or $20M, or whatever that looks like.


Some love words from clients

I've always wondered why I couldn't get past my unhealthy relationship with time. You helped me get a grip on what time is. You help make bigger plays,

bigger decisions. You're the first person to help me untangle this.


Monica L.

Founder/President BigBang Agency

My favorite part of working together was identifying and defining what I am doing with my time and knowing that we were organizing this all in a way that

will support revenue development. In hindsight, I see that what I was really missing was formality and structure in my business.


Jess K.

Life Coach


I’m a corporate project manager turned entrepreneur and operations expert.

Here’s how I can help

1:1 Consulting + DFY solutions

For business owners who are at their capacity and are ready to take back control of their time, happiness, and health. Yes! You’re meant for millions but not at the cost of your well-being or relationships. Allow me to help you create more growth while creating more white space in your calendar.

Course: Time Matters

Go from “not having enough time” to finally doing the things that you’ve been putting off, and having ample space to give undivided attention to your family. Join other business owners, coaches, consultants, and practitioners who are making BIG moves without overworking themselves to the point of burnout.

Training: Scalable Operations Blueprint


Welcome to the crash course on more revenue, more profits, and more freedom. I hope you're excited to level up your life and your business! This training is all about systematizing your business (without losing your mind).

Learn to grow and scale the right way.

Course: Business Systems Navigator

COMING SOON! A 7-step playbook to free your time and scale with ease.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s put it this way: do you really think successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Sara Blakely scaled their businesses by doing everything themselves and keeping all their processes in their heads?

Learn to grow and scale the right way.


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